Where is your door Wild Woman? Will you enter the PATHWAY through your wounds and scars?  Are you willing TO trade your old narrative for something more BEAUTIFUL? Will you allow the experiences of your past to act as a road map to rich and tumultuous   DISCOVERY?           



You are tired of the bullshit stories you have been telling yourself throughout the years and are ready to write a new story that includes a WHOLE LOT OF MAGIC AND JOY!

You feel like there is something holding you back regardless of everything you are trying to do to move forward.

You are ready to tap into your sexuality and sensuality from a place of inner love and sovereignty. 

You long for inner freedom and you're ready to dig into your shadows and get after it!

You desire sisterhood and can't wait to cultivate new friendships who also want inner freedom. 

You're tired of being stuck in the same cycle of depression and self-sabotaging behaviors.

You want new tools to create a life you love. 

 You feel like the fears or insecurities of your past traumas/experiences are getting in the way of your happiness.

 You're ready to let go of the old ways and learn techniques that will help you to remove the blocks of the past so you can live your best life yet.

You yearn to live a fuller and more passionate life.

You are ready to heal your relationships, and to love your body and sexuality.

You are dedicated to your own empowerment and individual unfolding.

You have the desire to foster community and cultivate compassion and authentic acceptance in yourself and other women.

You are serious about learning and applying practical exercises and techniques to apply in your day to day life.

Is this you? Are you ready? We're waiting for you sweet sister!