Awakening the Conscious Masculine

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Awaken the Masculine (3).png

Awakening the Conscious Masculine


All inclusive Immersion. Includes: meals, shared sleeping accommodations, sacred practices, rain forest hikes, and time for restoration and reflection.

 This is an invitation to step into the unknown, a one of a kind journey to explore a depth of your being. Here, you are invited to explore your current state as a pathway to lead you home to a richer, deeper, communal love with the entire universe.

Learn to channel and access your magnetic vibration, release stuck energies, and take pleasure in the warm embrace of surrendering to healing feminine energy. Here, you learn to create the inner intimacy necessary to shift the paradigms of old thinking and archaic, patriarchal belief systems.

Exploratory Practices include:

Healing the Wounded Masculine

- How has the masculine been wounded?

- How have we contributed the wounding?

- How has the wounding that the masculine has created in the feminine hurt and depleted them?

The Rise of the Conscious Masculine
- How the feminine can support the awakening of the conscious masculine

The rainy season of Costa Rica offers an auspicious gift to:

  • Heal intergenerational traumas

  • Be embraced by community

  • Be nourished by the sacred lands

It’s time to release brother. Let go and free yourself from illusory limitations.

Step into the realization of limitless love and inner peace.

Space is limited. Reserve today.

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