Awakening Divine Intelligence


Awakening Divine Intelligence

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You've tried it all. It's gone pretty well...but are you ready to up your game?

As a Speaker and Consultant, I help smart, conscious individuals bring on a whole new game. I help them gain traction and tackle their big dreams with even bigger wallets.

What I'm really passionate about is raising the vibration of humanity, one thought-leader at a time, as we awaken our Divine Intelligence through the development of our Soul Senses.

As we hone the skill of your Soul Senses, we focus on achieving results in the area of your life you most desire. Whatever it may be: love life, removing emotional triggers, self-worth, prosperity consciousness, spiritual awakening, achieving your big dream...What are you waiting for? Trust yourself.

Immersion Offers (to get a taste):

I work with the energy of your field. Some sessions take longer...some shorter, so plan on anywhere between 30 minutes to 55 minutes.

  • Core Wound Healing & Erasure → Immersion Special $199 ($299 value)

  • Genetic Deprogramming → Immersion Special $299 ($499 value)

  • Sacred Touch Healing (Clear/align body to the light body) → Immersion Special $199 ($299+ value)

  • Migraine Relief Energetic Clearing → Immersion Special $99 ($199+ value)

  • Psychic Reading → Immersion Special $149 ($249 value)

Curious about more?

If you want to learn to fish, instead of being given a fish, consider a training/healing program. Each consists of 5 Relief or Prosperity Sessions and a Bonus Healing.

  • Trauma Relief Package

  • Migraine Relief Package

  • Grief Relief Package

  • Money Maker Package

  • Custom - Designed to your focus

If you are the type that enjoys the “fire hose” effect of get it all right now, the mentoring program will dole it out at your pace as you can receive:

  • Soul Senses Mentoring Program (3 month psychic training program)

Let's begin a conversation. Call or text: 650-924-3037.

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About Janine Vashio

Janine Vashio is a deep thinker and engaging communicator. Her teaching combines ancient truths with fresh insights integrated in surprising ways. Her passion is freeing the limitation on our human potential through an inward revolution resulting in outward transformation.

Psychically aware since a child (schooled as an engineer and marketeer), Janine spends her time awakening the Soul Senses, looking for love and finding it everywhere.

Let's meet the extraordinary together!