veronica lynn clark - LEAD FACILITATOR

Veronica is a teacher with deep roots in the ancient practice of healing arts and its connection to women's health. Having trained formally in mind body modalities of movement, yoga, meditation, Veronica weaves these arenas into a potent practice which offers a holistic approach to radical healing.


CONCHITA TAIT - CO Facilitator

Wild Woman at heart! Facilitator of Wild Women Gatherings since 1995, Blissilitator at Reach For Bliss, and Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona and California

Passionate about the power of play and the expressive arts, where active engagement is the fast lane to natural self-expression, and creativity flows more easily when we allow for fun, courage, and spontaneity in life. 


Chris “krish” davis - GUEST FACILITATOR

Krish is a graduate practitioner from the International School of Temple Arts who specializes in working with deep sexual trauma. His influence in tantra started while making the documentary film "Stolen Innocence". He spent 5 years in India living and working with survivors of sex trafficking.


em miller- Apprentice facilitator

Em started on a path of healing about four years ago through multiple facets of spirituality. Her practice in tantra started when she met krish Davis and has been mentoring under him since. Em is the founder of The Dakini Collective.


DEVIN JENKINS - Guest Facilitator

Devin assists individuals, couples, and groups on the path of living consciously and intentionally with the task of taking responsibility for their dreams and soul callings.

Sarah Christine Graham Tor Avalon #75-edit.jpeg


Sarah Christine Graham is a Licensed Soul Therapist and Spiritual Guide who helps clients break free from their past and step into their truth. With empathy and compassion, she provides support for issues such as codependency, self-sabotage, low self-worth, and dysfunctional family relationships.